Christian Haas


Edition of Side Tables
Christian Haas for Doppia Firma, 2019

The Pleat Side Tables were conceived for the fourth annual Doppia Firma Exhibition: A Dialogue Between Design and Artisanal Excellence

Doppia Firma 2019 brings together innovative designers and master artisans from around Europe to produce a unique collection of 19 works and small-scale series. Each object is the result of a creative exchange between a designer/artist and an artisan/manufacturer – where project culture and expertise are cross-fertilised in an authentic expression of regional excellence.

Studio Christian Haas teamed up with tinsmith José Vieira, an artisan from the Portuguese city of São Torcato, who works mainly with galvanised tin, copper and brass.
Though following in the footsteps of his ancestors, José has developed a more modern production of goods for daily use, with a focus on shape and functionality. This project goes in this direction. The three tables called PLEAT, all in polished brass, demanded exceptional mastery of bending and welding. 

Pleat 60
Polished Brass
D 60 x H 24cm

Pleat 50
Polished Brass
D 50 x H 36cm

Pleat 40
Polished Brass
D 40 x H 48cm

Collaborators: Ruben Costa & Sónia Soeiro 
Photographer: Laila Pozzo