Christian Haas


10th September  - 2nd November 2019

Andreas Murkudis presents our first solo exhibition at his shop in Potsdamer Strasse 77, Berlin.

The designs shown range from furniture for living, eating and working, to light objects and interior accessories, such as glass and table ware. Aside from our own label CHRISTIAN HAAS, designs for brands such as 2016/ARITA, KARAKTER, KARIMOKU NEW STANDARD, SCHÖNBUCH, TECTA, THERESIENTHAL and VILLEROY & BOCH are displayed. Key pieces of the exhibition are the jointly produced large scale carpets, span shelves and drawer cabinets.

Regarding the motivation for this collaboration Murkudis states: “We have shared values in terms of what quality means. It is about longevity, authenticity of the materials and a sense of modesty.“
The furniture exhibited is mainly manufactured in Germany, Portugal and Japan.
A selection of pieces can be custom made. 

Collaborators: Sónia Soeiro & Ruben Costa
Photographer: Ana Santl