Christian Haas


Upholstery collection
Pierre Frey, 2023

The upholstery collection BERLIN was originally designed for the iconic Chateau Royal Hotel in Berlin. 

The design is based on an organic, rounded aesthetic vocabulary. The pure line of the backrest surrounds the seat in a continuous movement. The upholstered base gives a slight lift to the structure and creates a lightness to the pieces. Entirely upholstered, sofa, pouf and armchair are a tribute to the know-how of Maison Pierre Frey. 

SOFA 200
W 200 x D 90 x H 73cm
SOFA 170
W 170 x D 90 x H 73cm

W 90 x D 90 x H 73cm

W 80 x D 80 x H 73cm
W 53 x D 53 x H 53cm

Collaborator: Sónia Soeiro