Christian Haas


Karimoku New Standard, 2018
While in the digital age we own less books, magazines, CD’s and records, the ARCHIVE shelf is conceived as a platform for the personal items we collect, keep safe and hold dear over the years.
The shelves store and display everything we like to use, see or be reminded of every day. It comes in two sizes and together with a set of specially made book-stands.
Making use of Karimoku’s expertise in wood craftsmanship, the shelfs are assembled from slender beams and boards made of solid Japanese oak wood.
The beautifully crafted details, elegant joints and slightly curved fronts make the ARCHIVE shelf a centrepiece in every room.

Shelf 80
Japanese Oak
Pure Oak / Black
W 80 x D 34 x H 130cm

Shelf 110
Japanese Oak
Pure Oak / Black
W 110 x D 34 x H 130cm